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Hence, when Hong Dali found the coordinates of Earth, the first thing he did was to get Jiang Qianxue away from his side. “That, Miss Qianxue, we think…” He thought for a while and suddenly said, “We want to train in the Tower of Trials. Do you want to go?”


Mister, please follow me! His superior had appeared. The clerk hurriedly changed his attitude, nodding and bowing. Someone will bring you to settle the paperwork. Next, we will look at how you progress in the future. If you can pass level twenty-four, you will be able to advance to yellow-level Honorary Aristocrat!


Saying so, he threw the sword to Yin Tianzong. Yin Tianzong grabbed it and instantly stopped what he wanted to say. He beamed with delight and said, “Oh my, Brother Dali, you are still the best! These useless fellows beside me might be useless in terms of business, but they can only get past one to two levels in the Tower of Trials, really pathetic. If not, I wouldn’t need to ask for your help—oh my, look at this appearance, look at this sharp edge. Good sword, good sword indeed!”


After all, Hong Dali was known for having lots of bright ideas. His idea would definitely be not bad. Since he claimed that he could produce something in the Galaxy Alliance Center and that the scene did not have to be big, would small scenes be able to sell as well?


“Dali.” Tang Muxin supported her chin with both her hands and grinned as she looked at this little fellow, asking, “Although it’s a little ugly, it’s still a little baby, after all. Let’s give it a name.”


“Basically so.” Zhang Yi said, “I am trying to decipher some of the information contained in the genes. Currently, I have already deciphered a little bit of it.”

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Hong Dali obviously had no idea what the situation back on Earth was. He had just come out of the virtual world with the lackeys and was preparing to start adding attributes for everyone.


Hahaha, brothers. Good brother! Hong Dali laughed as he hugged Ace. Big brother Ace, you should be the elder one!


Oh right. Mu Huaqing asked softly. The Pops they mentioned, is he powerful?


Luckily, just then, Hong Dali met someone who would help him. It was an abject looking middle-aged man. Can I speak to you, Young Master?


Hehe, Dali, this person is so cool. Tang Muxin giggled. But hes still lacking something. Our Dali is more amiable. This person is more suitable to be observed like a statue. Not suitable to be approached. Hes too cold.


It was an old man who looked like he was about sixty-years-old. He was skinny and had snow-white hair that went past his ears. His eyebrows were about an inch or so long and he was wearing a flowery shirt. He had round sunglasses. Below, he had on a bermudas and slippers.


There were many of them this time. Most men only dared to look from a distance and would not dare approach themthey were a big group. Nine lackeys, Levis, Lucifer, Jiang Qianxue and the little Quentin who kept dozing off. Who would dare approach them?



“I already completed it. It’s not very interesting. And it doesn’t require any money.” Hong Dali sniffled and picked up an attribute gem. It was gem processing time!



An old man who looked about 60 plus years old with a skinny figure, had snow-white long hair that covered his ears, and his eyebrows were as much as an inch long. He wore a large flowery shirt and a pair of round sunglasses. Below, he wore large trousers with a pair of slippers on his feet. With his hands clasped behind his back, he looked up at the large screen on the Tower of Trials, smiled and said, “Yoyoyo, he actually completed all of the levels. Looks like things will become interesting this time. This person can be considered to be a once in a thousand years genius, right? Even the Demon Killing Sword, Duan Xuan, was slightly weaker than him, right? Impressive, really impressive!”


“Yup.” Yin Tianzong was very satisfied and said, “Also, satisfy all of Brother Dali’s requests. Even if some of his requests are off the scale, try to satisfy them too. If you guys really can’t handle it, come look for me! No matter what my Brother Dali ask you guys to do, you guys are not allowed to object at all, understand?”


“Practice the pose first before the martial arts.” Wang Daoming dotingly patted Little Bai Hechou’s head and said, “After you are well practiced with it, you can forget the poses.”

  • “Okay, wait for me. I’ll be there in a while,” Jiang Qianxue said, then hung up.
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