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The words which sounded like he was talking to himself made Tang Muxins and Li Nianweis faces turn red. But they soon recovered.


Leave. Jiang Qianxue waved her hand casually. Seeing that you did not go too far, Ill let it go this time. Mind your behavior. If I find out that you did something like this again, Ill break your legs.


Countless white Galaxy Aristocrats aircraft had gathered here. They filled up the entire airspace. The sun was almost covered in the Jiang Family estate. People exited from the spacecraft non-stop and entered the estate owner, Jiang Duxing’s villa.


“Oh, average looking.” Hong Dali originally intended to tell Yin Tianzong that he was the person, but he decisively changed his mind now! He hurriedly took out something from his bag and said, “Oh right, Brother Tianzong, I got the Meridian Seven Star Sword for you.”


Therefore, it was impossible to enter the filming industry here without a strong backing and possession of powerful technology.


They really were recycling and reusing all the unwanted and discarded material. Before long, the seven shops were neatly hacked through. On the ground was a huge water pond connecting all seven stores. The stuff that should be hacked was hacked, and the ones that should be thrown were thrown. Then, they randomly added some sofas and coffee tables. The armor shop was thus complete!

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On the way to Star Harbor, Mister Gate asked Hong Dali, “Dali, what should I do when I get there? What kind of shop do you have? What does it sell?”


Its a few armors. Tang Muxin smiled. Armors, weapons, accessories, embedded with gems.


Did I get so rich?Hong Dali touched his nose and looked at Zhang Yi. Go look for Running Dog and tell him how much you want. You dont have to let me know if its anything less than one billion. Its too troublesome


Since he had made up his mind, Tianyi swept his hair back rakishly and grinned. I must have misjudged you. You may be a lackey, but you sure have some moves.


Scott from the Trenches Planet, level twenty-two of the Tower of Trials, cleared on the thirty-fourth attempt.


“Haha, Brother Dali is much better, you even gave me the Heavenly Frost Sword!” Yin Tianzong looked at the broadsword in his hand and drooled. “I shall go and play with it for a while. Brother Dali, you can go do your stuff first. I reckon that you will be busy for a few days after the filming company is transferred to you.”


Little Bai Hechou was a lot taller now. He looked to be about seven years old. Once he saw Hong Dali, he hung on Hong Dalis neck. Daddy!



Yes, I know. Jiang Qianxues grandfather Jiang Dongliu chuckled and nodded his head. He said, Qianxue has always been a child who is in control of her emotions. Unless it is something major, her ability to control her emotions will not be affected. Now that such a super-genius has appeared, it is normal that a girl her age would idolize him. Its not a big problem.



It was an old man who looked like he was about sixty-years-old. He was skinny and had snow-white hair that went past his ears. His eyebrows were about an inch or so long and he was wearing a flowery shirt. He had round sunglasses. Below, he had on a bermudas and slippers.


The fight was about to begin. Li Yang was very careful. He hurriedly struck the fighting pose that he had learned from Geezer Wang and called out in a low voice, We can fight, but I will not let you pass even if you win. As lackeys, if we cannot even protect our masters, we would be useless!


As he watched the people who took a second look at them, Hong Dali said, satisfied, This is much better. All the bowing is annoying and it makes me feel like those rich tyrants mentioned in history.

  • There was a show to be had this timeLi Yang shouted, Poser, Ill let you fly! The two First Order Planet Warriors were sent flying when they had just started to attack.
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